Dauphin Recreation Services has added another winter activity at Vermillion Park, OUTDOOR CURLING!

Vermillion Park has become Dauphin's Winter Wonderland destination. 

Winter activities at Vermillion Park include:

Skating Trails (along Vermillion River/Dead River)
 - Getting on to the river can be tricky. We recommend entering from the trail, where there is a bench to sit and put your skates on.

 - We rent out skates at the Parkland Recreation Complex, if you need. 

 - The play structure located at Vermillion Park is great for all ages, check it out! 

 - Please remember to social distance.  

Groomed Trails
 - Out Outdoor Crew maintains the 2km trails all winter long!
 - Snowshoe, walk, hike, walk the dog, etc. 
 - The trail is lit too! 
 - We rent out snowshoes at the Parkland Rec Complex. Call 204-622-3150. 

Sledding Hills
 - There are a few sledding hills located at Vermillion Park. 

 - The steepest one is by the washrooms. The kids will have so much fun!

Outdoor Curling (NEW!)
 - The newest winter activity at Vermillion Park is Outdoor Curling, located at the campsites at Vermillion Park.
 - There are two sheets to use. 
 - Rocks are located between the sheets, in the wooden box. 
 - Please social distance.