Aqua Fitness
Enjoy the buoyancy the water provides to improve your flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Get the same benefits as aerobics, without stress on joints. Aqua Fitness requires no swimming ability and is intended for both men & women. Aqua Fitness is done in water levels between your nipples and your navel.

Aqua Fit Class
A workout party in the pool! Aqua Fit combines some of the traditional elements of Aqua Fitness with the upbeat, Latin-infused dance moves and music Zumba fitness is famous for.

Baby & Me Aqua Fitness
Foster your baby’s natural love of water while you enjoy a challenging aquatic workout.  

Lane Swim
Swimmers must be swimming laps. The lane ropes will be in and swimming equipment like hand paddles, flippers, pull-boys and flutters boards are available.

Adult Swim
Adult Swim is designed as a fun, recreational and fellowship swim.  It is for adults who would like to swim and exercise without the presence of younger children. The waves, water slide, noodles, assorted floating and diving toys are all available. No one under the age of 18 may attend except under the discretion of the Head Lifeguard.

Parent & Tot Swim
Parent & Tot Swim is for children under the age of 5 accompanied by a caregiver who must be within arms reach at all times.

Public Swim
Public Swim is for anyone who would like to come for a swim – water logs, ladders, balls and diving toys are available, under supervision and at the discretion of the lifeguard.

Stroke & Skill Development
Stroke & Skill is for anyone who wishes to improve their technique without the time commitment of lessons. An instructor is on duty to help.  Students may practice or use this time for extra instruction to master the skills needed to pass their levels. Students should bring their report card to show the instructor what skill is to be focused on.

Swimming Lessons
Red Cross Swim Preschool is a fun seven level preschool program with flexible entry and exit points – children enter levels based on age and then progress based on either age or ability.
The seven levels increase opportunity for parents and their children to take swimming and water safety lessons at an earlier age – babies as young as four months old may be enrolled. Older preschoolers learn in small groups with qualified instructors.
Red Cross Swim Kids is a 10 level program fit for today’s swimmers; kids can get through all levels and feel proud of their achievement.  Swimming and Water Safety skills are taught in the water so kids are always active and wet – this approach promotes success and encourages lifelong fitness. A focus on individual achievement creates a cycle of success that is geared to kids.

Adult Lessons
Aqua Adults is a Canadian Red Cross three stage swimming and water safety program that consists of Basic Swimming Strokes, Swimming Skills and Lifetime Swimming Fitness. Swimmers in Aqua Adult work directly with instructors to set learning goals and priorities.